New Kel-Berg 4 Axle Double Extending Trailer

Hydraulic suspension and steer.

Gigant DLS / Tridec 4 steered axles.

16 steel wheels with premium tyres 245/70 R17.5 and spare wheel.

JOST low maintenance landing legs.

Double extension, 1st axle lift.

LED lights all round and auto-lube system.

Overal length 12.9m, maximum width 2.7m (register as special types), maximum deck height 1.4m, 1,280mm.

5th wheel height.

10 pairs pull out deck rings, 9 pairs out riggers and 7 rows sockets and posts.

Built in storage in top deck.

Ready for clip on ramps

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Make / Model

Kel-Berg 4 axle double extension trailer.

Trailer dimensions:

Overall length closed: 12890mm, two extendable sections: 6300 mm & 6100 mm. Total open length: 25290 mm.

Deck lengths: Step 3904 mm, lower deck: 8997 mm, deck loading height: 1428 mm, lower deck: 910 mm.

Deck widths: Step deck: 2,540mm, lower bed: 2,740mm, wheel base (2" king pin - centre 2/3 axle): 8,590mm, axle spread distances: 1,510mm.

Neck depth: 300 mm, fifth wheel: 1280 mm, kingpin position: 650 mm twin position. 2" pin.


Gigant DLS / Tridec SV-2440-HFEG hydraulically steered on all 4 axles, all hydraulic independent suspension. 1st axle lifting axle.

Brake system:

A two line pressure system with standard C couplings mounted on the front of the chassis. WABCO 4S3M EBS / ABS, load sensing valve meets automatic load-dependant brake regulations, spring-loaded parking brake, control console in front of 1st axle on the left.

Electric systems:

24 Volt electrics are fitted with two 7 pin ISO and one ABS / EBS sockets fitted to front of trailer on galvanised brackets. Loom system housed in plastic tubing. HELLA light system fitted which has plug wiring connections which are specially developed for the 24V trailer application to ensure a long lasting and reliable system. 1 pair of Europoint 2 LED taillights, Hella yellow LED on extension & outside frame, outline light Superpoint 3 LED.

Wheels & Tyres:

16 steel wheel rims, fitted with 16 off premium 245/70R17. 5 tyres & spare wheel.

Landing legs:

JOST low maintenance, S-foot with crank on offside.

Fixing points:

10 pairs of pull out deck rings (3 on step deck & 7 on low deck), 9 pair of out riggers each side, sockets and post (80 x 50 x 6, 1,200) galvanised, 7 rows of sockets transversely, 1 in high bed behind front wall (6 in low beds).


The trailer will come with the required conspicuity markings in accordance with our Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

Clip on ramps