Operating Lease

Operating Lease is a solution for those who want to use one of our vehicles over a fixed term, with lower monthly rentals and without the worries or commitment of ownership.

How does Kel-Berg Operating Lease work?

At the start of your agreement you pay an agreed number of advance rentals upfront. Your monthly rentals are based on the difference between the initial value of the vehicle and its projected residual value at the end of your agreement. Therefore, only a proportion of the vehicle's value is repaid, this avoids a large initial outlay and keeps monthly payments lower.

Then throughout your agreement you make regular instalments until your agreement comes to an end.

At the end of your agreement:

Return the vehicle with nothing more to pay.

Subject to meeting our Vehicle Return Standards., i.e. vehicle condition, excess mileage, etc. As detailed in the return condition, (available on request).

Operating Lease features include:

  • No large initial deposit.
  • Pay an agreed number of advance rentals upfront.
  • Fixed regular monthly rentals (that include VAT) mean's you can easily budget.
  • Rentals are based on your annual mileage agreed at the start of your agreement.
  • Capital expenditure is eliminated.
  • Your business gains an additional line of credit.
  • Rentals are allowable against taxable profits (proportionally).
  • VAT is reclaimable depending on usage (proportionally).

Please contact us for more details.