Here are three stunning vehicles delivered to FDS in August. Two Kel-Berg grab loaders and one Kel-Berg steel tipper, all mounted to DAF CF450 FAD 8x4 chassis. FDS picked these trucks up and drove them straight to TruckFest Peterborough.

Grab Loader Specs:

  • DAF CF450 FAD 8x4 Chassis
  • Kel-Berg HARDOX 450 Body
  • Palfinger Epsilon M125 Crane
  • VWS Weigh System
  • Transcover Sheeting System
  • Front & Rear Strobes
  • 4" Slimline LED Roof Beacon
  • 4 Way Camera System
  • Air Operated Locking Bar

Steel Tipper Spec:

  • DAF CF450 FAD 8x4 Chassis
  • Kel-Berg HARDOX 450 Body
  • PM Weigh System
  • Air Operated Locking bar
  • Front & Rear Strobes
  • 4" Slim Line LED Roof Beacon
  • 4 Way Camera System & Side Scan

As you can see some serious kit. FDS were in need of some new vehicles quickly and the current pandemic has resulted in vehicle availability becoming sparse. We managed to turn around these vehicles in just under 7 weeks from order to delivery.

Ordered: 15th July 2020 Delivered: 26th August 2020

FDS picked these trucks up and went straight to Truck Fest Peterborough. Thanks to Franco for showing off our kit and showing the masses why Kel-Berg's are the only trucks to have.


Franco's Comments:

How do you and your driver’s find our products on/off site?

The feedback from the drivers On the trucks on and off the road, plus in general has been very positive. Our first DAF trucks came from Kelberg in 2018 and with the overall performance and support we have decided to go with DAF and Kelberg again in 2020.

 How has your overall experience with Kel-Berg been over the years and why do you continue to choose us?

Kelberg were recommended to us through Mead Construction. The “word” was that Kelberg could provide excellent standard of truck build and in record turn around times from

Point of order to being on the road in corporate colours and livery... some 3-4 weeks... very impressive, and in this demanding and ever changing climate we need to work with a supplier such as Kelberg, who are clearly as reactive and as responsive as we are. 

How do you find our aftersales care with regard to parts and issues

Excellent!.. support and parts available 24/7. 


With regard to your latest acquisition, how satisfied have you been with the process start to finish and the final product?

Very very satisfied, no problems at all and everything produced and delivered exactly on time. 

Furthermore some tweaks to our 2018 Grab loader to get him “in-line” with the new spec Grab loaders recently supplied- no problems either! 

- Franco DeSimon | Owner @ FDS (Cambridge) Ltd (Salesman: Simon hall)


Thanks for the comments, great guys to work with and we look forward to working with you on your next order!