If you wanted to make a statement with your trailer, then take note of Tom Price’s stealth trailer. Spending that little bit extra to ensure it looks just right is worth it.

Tom bought this T100 alloy tipping trailer from us in March with all the bells and whistles. Dawbarn Hydroclear sheeting system, PM On-Board weigh system with Bluetooth display, load and reverse camera, work lights and strobes; quite the trailer.

Black body, black tipping gear, black side guards, black chassis, black everything. This hitched to his black tractor is sure to turn heads when he arrives on site.

Thanks Tom for the business, we’re glad you’re happy with our trailer and we look forward to working with you again.

Comments from the customer:

How do you and your driver’s find our products on/off site?

Pulls down the road lovely on and off site and the automatic tail lift when the tractor units starts is very handy.

How has your overall experience with Kel-Berg been over the years and why do you continue to choose us?

Experience with Kel-Berg has been very good as they are happy to listen what you want, and are more than happy to do alternations and tweaks here and there that suit your needs. Other firms just want to sell how they make it, take it or leave it job.

How do you find our aftersales care with regard to parts and issues?

Haven't really had to deal with after sales yet as no parts have been needed, but the brief bit that I have they seem very good.

With regard to your latest acquisition, how satisfied have you been with the process start to finish and the final product?

The latest product, I was very happy from start to finish as they listened to what I wanted and made small alterations here and there. Where as other companies would have said "no you'll have to get someone else to do that after delivery". So it was nice knowing that the day I picked up my trailer it was exactly how I wanted it and ready to go straight to work.

Also nothing seemed any bother; extra paint work, lights mounted differently, etc. the main thing was the date they said it would be done by. It was and in all fairness they got it finished in a very short time scale from when I said yes get the trailer made.

- Tom Price | Owner @ Tom Price Transport Ltd (Salesman: Simon Hall)