HGV Road User Levy Changes 2020

Posted: Tuesday 4th August 2020

What is the HGV Road User Levy?

Put simply, this is a charge that you must pay to the government in order to use their highways. The factors that influence this charge are as follows.

  • Weight of Vehicle
  • Number of Axles
  • The duration of the payment.

In 2019 you would expect to pay, for an 8x4 32,000 kg rigid:

12 months: £1,191

6 months: £680.60

What's Changed?

In light of the current global pandemic, the government has enacted a scheme in order to stimulate sales of new vehicles. As of 1st August 2020, the levy has been removed, bringing the total cost down by over 50%!

12 months: £560

6 months: £280

So if you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, now is the time. Get your order in for 2020! Click here to see the V149/1 detailing all costs for HGV taxing.

For more info regarding HGV Road Used Levy Click here for more info.

HGV Road User Levy Changes 2020

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